All right... Let us begin!
— Adelheid[1]
Normal | Maid
Japanese name: アーデルハイト
Japanese VA: Chiwa Saito
English VA: Natalie Hoover

About Edit

Being the oldest of the spirit girls, Adelheid is known for being the most responsible, considering as she watches over and takes care of her spirit sisters' welfare. This gives her a rather motherly and considerate side of her personality. She first appears as an enemy upon Luchs, with Francesca by her side. It is strongly hinted that Adelheid and Francesca are very close to each other as well. Adelheid is also known for her self-confidence, as how the younger spirits look up to her. She claims herself as the strongest spirit, although her attack is considerably high for weaker foes in which she handles, even though she is not as strong as Charlotte. However, she has the greatest range, considering that her long range is pretty high, but has even better horizontal range.

Stats Edit

Movement: 1

Range: 5

Attack: 4

Mobility: 1

Overall Balance: 11/20

Trivia Edit

  • Adelheid is the oldest of the lost spirits.
  • Her given nickname is Adel in the Japanese version and Addie in the English version.
  • She first appears as an enemy against Lux.
  • Her voice actor, Chiwa Saito, voices Frey from Rune Factory 4.
  1. さあ、はじめましょう

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