The Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven Original Soundtrack, is a CD bundled with pre-ordered copies of the Lord of Magna 3DS game. The soundtrack was officially released in the United States as of June 2, 2015. The tracks on the CD were composed by Tomoko Morita, and the soundtrack was published by Marvelous!.

The CD contains 28 tracks: 1. Title Theme

2. Tranquility

3. Everyday Life

4. Encounter

5. Artemis

6. Legends of Old

7. Sadness

8. Memories

9. The Innkeeper

10. Secrecy

11. Badump, Badump!

12. Determination

13. Encounter II

14. Love

15. The Gargoyle's Nightmare

16. Gewalt

17. Sarine

18. Kaiser

19. Artemisias Assault

20. Let's Go!

21. Yggdrasill

22. Heldt Tower

23. Verboten Magna

24. Kaiser's Garden

25. The Decisive Battle

26. Departure!

27. Ending

28. Grand Finale[1]

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